my new fitness commitment

Going paleo/primal made me realize that I should focus on what I put in my body, rather than on the energy I expend. That’s why I have made the commitment to lift heavy things less often, and move slowly more often. This is wee bit scary for me considering I generally make a point to lift heavy things more often, and move slowly less often! But, I’ve gotten good results thus far following the paleo/primal lifestyle so why not adopt this way of thinking as well.

  • So, the idea is to SPRINT once per week;
  • MOVE SLOWLY for 3-5 hours per week;
  • And, LIFT HEAVY 2-3 times per week!

I can, I can, I can!

So, it’s Monday, my day off ~ the day I usually devote to school work and cleaning and thus feel far from productive. But today was different. I decided to get my workout done and over with early this morning. So I did one of Mark’s Daily Apple WOWs in a fasted state… and felt great!


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