my new kitchen love

So with Sunday came my day off… both from work and from school. And I needed it. E and I spent the day together, which doesn’t happen very often and it was tres enjoyable. We window shopped, visited the local flea market and had lunch.

While lunch was nothing to write home about, my purchase sure was. I’ve been on the hunt for one of these for a long while now and finally found one! I’ve used it twice already and I only bought it yesterday.

Welcome to my life you beautiful, beautiful misto you!

Say good buy to those expensive spray cans full of canola oil, and hello to my cheaper, reusable and environmentally friendly olive oil spritzer! My life just improved 10 fold. Amazing.

Little did I know that you can actually buy this baby on Amazon, however it appears that it is currently out of stock. Shameful I know! 😦 I’d keep checking, and snatch this baby up ASAP. For those of you in the Ontario area, I purchased mine at the local Bed, Bath & Beyond.

It’s so, so simple. Just remove the cap and fill it half full of your choice oil. Replace the cap and pump approximately ten times. Remove the cap and spray away!

What’s your favourite kitchen gadget?


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