pulled pork for the paleo

E loves a good pulled pork sandwich. This is a good thing considering I’ve been getting bomb dig good deals of pork tenderloins lately. I picked up 4 tenderloins on Monday for just over $2 a piece. Hells yah! That’s what I’m talking about. So, we’ve now got chicken and pulled pork coming out of our behinds around here. Must stop grocery shopping. It’s actually my weakness. I could spend hours in the grocery store, I just chose not to. It’s easier to stay on budget that way. Haha. I think I get just as much of a thrill when I beat our weekly budget, then I would if I bought every gourmet nut butter and cut of meat possible. Lame I know.

So, I’m still studying away over here. Can’t wait for Saturday at 6 o’clock. I will officially be done school, forever. Well until I decide, or if I decide to subject myself to that horror again. Maybe some day, but it will be for leisure purposes only. I’m excited to really get going on some of the DIY projects I’ve got going on in the brain. Mosaics, reupholstering, the list goes on. It scares E.

Oh yeah, we were talking about pulled pork weren’t we. Right. Forgot about that temporarily.

Check that baby out. Now that is a loaded sandwich. For you paleo folk out there, I enjoyed mine in a lettuce wrap, but I just couldn’t persuade the boy. Ah well, you win some you lose some. And yes I know. The picture is nothing to write home about. I’m working on it.

The meal was served with a garlic cauli mash. Something I’ve been meaning to whip up, no pun intended, for a while. haha. It was tres delish, E thought it was a potatoes. Even grown men can be fooled.



  1. Preheat oven to 375F.
  2. Rub tenderloin with a generous amount of chili powder.
  3. Place pork tenderloin in a pan and cook for 30 minutes; until no longer pink inside.
  4. Remove pork tenderloin and let cool.
  5. When cool enough to touch, shred tenderloin with a fork. Shred with the grain.
  6. In a small sauce pot, combine shredded pork, barbeque sauce and 3 T water. Simmer on low until warm.
  7. Serve it up however you’d like, and enjoy!

The cauli mash is oh so simple. All you do is steam a head of cauliflower until very soft. Mix it up with some garlic, to taste, and some coconut milk or butter. Throw into a blender, blend and serve. Beautiful and simple. Now that’s my kinda meal.

Bam. How could you not love cauliflower?


2 thoughts on “pulled pork for the paleo

  1. I feel ya on the grocery shopping! When I’m having a bad day, instead of hitting up the mall I head to the nearest grocery store! Always something new to find 🙂

    I’m done with school in June! Still can’t decide if I’m going back or not, haha school’s a love/hate thing for me.

    Pulled pork sounds ahhhmazing right now!!

    • Haha, same. I love the grocery store. And I feel yah on the school. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with school as well, but with 5 years under my belt I’m retiring… for now anyways!

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