berrylicious & delicious!

WOWSA! That’s what I said after my first sip of this awesome tangy drink. For months now, yes you read that right, for months now I’ve been craving cranberry juice and carbonated water. And finally the other day I marched over to the store and sought out a 100% cranberry juice. Non of the that cocktail or concentrate crap. Excuse my language. And boy am I glad I did. Unfortunately I’ll admit that this was one of the few times that I’ve actually enjoyed a “real” juice. First off, I don’t really like juice. I much prefer water, but when I do have it I want it to be as healthy as possible.

“Real” juice is so so much different than the cocktails and blends we tend to pick up at the supermarket. First off they are much more expensive, and much less sweet. Definitely different than the ocean spray cranberry cocktail I’ve slurped up avec vodka throughout my years. But, to my adult taste buds… so much better!

So, over the in health food/organic section of my supermarket I started researching. I must of been standing their for twenty minutes or so, and had 2-3 three employees asking me if I needed help with something. Excellent customer service I might add! But finally, because of price and labeling I settles on not from concentrate Just Juice 100% Pure Cranberry Juice. It ran at around $9.00 for a 1 litre bottle. Expensive? Yes. However, this bottle of juice has already lasted me a couple weeks. It’s so flavourful that not much is needed.

Anyways, on to my amazing concoction. Both healthy and so tasty. Say hello to my version of a virgin margarita! So delicious. And served in a larger than life frosty cup. Heaven!

Oh Baby.

Thanks to my good ol’ Vitamix, whipping this baby up was simple. I combined about a cup of frozen strawberries, three ice cubes, 3/4 cup of cranberry juice and 3/4 T. sugar and water as needed. Just blend, blend, blend!



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