eggs benedict fit for a paleo

I love eggs. Anyone who sees me eat, claims they’ve never seen anyone eat so many eggs. No they are not exaggerating. And yes I feel it is okay. I am a paleo eater for one, and two I don’t believe in the bad rep eggs have gotten over the years. I enjoy them, they are very nutritious (hello protein!) and are filling. You’ve got to pick your battles right? I’ll give up grains, but I won’t give up eggs!

Anywho, thank god for me E loves eggs too. I’m not sure if our relationship would have lastest this long had he not been an egg eater. The very thought of dating an egg hater just made me cringe. That said, however, all things egg doesn’t necessarily mean all things healthy. E loves Eggs Benedict… me not so much. And I don’t exactly love him indulging in it all the time. That sh!t ain’t good for you!

So, upon E’s request I made a batch of my non-paleo, I know! Shame on me… Whole Wheat English Muffins last night, and it sparked the idea to treat E to Eggs Benedict! But I wasn’t about to separate a thousand and ten eggs (traditional Hollandaise sauce = a million egg yolks), or serve E a pound of butter… so off experimenting I went!

On a side note, check out these bad boys! Probably the best batch I’ve made yet! I was able to get 16 muffins out of the dough!

Now on to the good stuff right? Allow me to introduce you to the “perfect portion” of Hollandaise sauce. There were no left overs to deal with, no jars to dirty. It was just enough to cover those two cute like poached eggs!

The colour looked right. That was a bonus, and E said it tasted great! Wahoo! for me. He was none the wiser, and I was that much happier. Another successful paleo overhaul!


  • 1 egg yolk (seperated from the white)
  • 1/8 cup of coconut oil, melted
  •  1 1/4  t. lemon juice
  • pinch of sea salt & pepper


Whisk ingredients together over low heat. Allow to remain over heat until thickened to desire consistency. If the sauce gets to thick add water by the tablespoon until the perfect consistency is reached!

It’s not the best picture, but I did well to even get one before E devoured it! Haha!


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