wishing for wainscoating

No, we’re not talking about food here. Weird. So very, very weird. Right?

I’ve got the home decor bug, the DIY flu.. the I am dying to do A-Z to my home, NOW feeling. That being said, I have one messy, but soon to be awesome homestead. <Insert smiley face here>

So anyways, on the the real point of this post. Sidetracked much? This is one of my favourite DIY projects that I’ve embarked on thus far! And who do I have to thank for it? Good ol’ Martha Stewart. Thank you very much Martha!

It’s Bead Board Wallpaper. Yes. Paintable wallpaper, designed to mimic the look of real Bead Board Wainscoating.

Umh, yes please.

I was so stoked when I came across this at Home Depot. I adore Bead Board and knew from the moment we stepped into our house that I wanted to use it throughout the home. I love the look of it. Country, but chic at the same time. So bright and inviting. J’adore.

I love the look, however, I didn’t love the price tag. For example, Home Depot sells a package called Woodhave Beadboard. It comes with 10 panels, covering 29 Sq Ft and is priced at $143.12. While this is definitely one of the cheaper options we found, it still wasn’t in our budget! <Insert sad face here>

So, with my Bead Board dreams being basically being thrown down the drain, you cannot begin to imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this amazing stuff just a few isles over! Oh em gee! HELLO PAINTABLE WALLPAPER. And the best part, it’s priced at $24.99 a roll. Yeah you read that right folks. $24.99 for sweet, sweet Bead Board.

3 rolls came home with me that night, along with a wallpaper trowel and a bucket of wall paper adhesive. All for the beauty price of $90-95. Score!

You’re about to see some Bead Board Porn.

Disclaimer: These photos are what I call raw. There has been no editing or digital touch ups done to any of the photos about to be shown. So yeah, you’re going to see my half done, shawty paint job & amateur chair rail installation skills. I was just so excited to share my experience with this wallpaper that I couldn’t help but take premature photos! So deal with it, haha.

Work it.

Here you can see the painted versus non painted wallpaper.

Honestly thought. You cannot even tell it’s not the real stuff. I’ve got both in my house and I’ve compared. Trust me, haha. It is amazing. I was able to do it all on my lonesome in only a couple of days. How awesome is that. No power tools required. Yeah baby. Just my type of project.


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