one step at a time.

Despite my best efforts to maintain paleo house hold- in that I mean purchasing, preparing and eating mostly paleo food- it doesn’t always happen. It’s no secret that while I jumped on the Paleo bandwagon almost a year ago, E has not. But that’s okay. Were taking baby steps. The first being, converting to a gluten free household.

E works very, very long hours and so it is so important for him to have a healthy balanced lunch, with lots of food. Thus, making everything Paleo is often somewhat challenging. Especially since E loves crackers and hummus, sandwiches and beans! None of which can easily be substituted to fit the paleo lifestyle. And so, I figured removing gluten (which helped with my digestion problems immensely) is something that we can easily do- and so we’ve done it.

However, similar to Paleo, Gluten Free is often labelled as expensive. And while both certainly can be, I don’t find much of a difference in our grocery bill. It’s when you get into all the packaged and processed foods like gluten free bread, granola bars and crackers. Those items are definitely expensive. And sometimes, they’re just not tasty either.

One of my favourite ways to keep on track, and insure that I can easily whip up gluten free goods for E, is to always have a big batch of Gluten Free AP Flour Blend at home in the cupboard. While I’ve tried a variety- most notable is Bob’s Red Mill blend, I couldn’t justify the expensive, nor did I really like the taste. And so, I embarked on my own journey. And with the help of Gluten Free Girl, my homemade go to gluten free flour blend was born! It’s a mix of 70% whole grains and 30% starches.

My Go-To Recipe

  • 250g almond flour
  • 250g brown rice flour
  • 200g certified oat flour, made with certified gluten free oats
  • 150g potato starch (or cornstarch)
  • 150g white rice flour

Now you might be thinking- wow! that’s a lot of strange flours. And yes, if you were to individually purchase all of these flours- even from a bulk store- it would be pricey. That said however, I have a Vitamix (the most fantastic gift I’ve ever gotten- Thanks Mom & Nanny) and so I grind all my own flours which reduces the cost significantly.

I just grind all my flours, weigh them on my scale, dump them all into a big bowl, stir them up with a wooden spoon and transfer them into a giant container that sit in my baking cupboard.

The great thing about this flour is that while it’s not paleo, as long as your bake by weight (which I’ve been doing more and more) you can substitute this blend for recipes calling for regular AP or WW flour. Yep, it’s that easy.


a pondering of sorts…

Sites likes wordpress and blogspot provide, dare I say, amateur bloggers like me, the great opportunity to jump in to the blog world, no strings attached. You get to pick from a host of prefabricated blog templates, you get to select a name for your blog and have the ability to “customize” your blog through the use of widgets. You are limited in some aspects of course, like in the amount of amount of space, or MB’s you’re allotted, that said however; who ever really reaches that space limit. It’s likeĀ  that Gmail or Hotmail account, which you have had since 7th grade yet you still have 89% of your storage remaining. Or is that just me?

All in all, sites like wordpress and blogspot are awesome. In my opinion anyways.

Now despite the fact that I don’t blog as much as I thought I would, or even as much as I would like to… I have often thought about the idea of purchasing my own domain address and thus, not having linked to my blog. It’s pricey, yes. And it requires a heck of a lot more maintenance.. with hosting and all.. But I’ve thought, would it bring me more freedom, perhaps more traffic, or is there really no point at the moment.

Truthfully, the price is a bit of deterrent for me. But I can’t seem to rap my head around the decision making process that goes into deciding when in the blog word, to branch off on your own. Do you just make the jump? Or is there a critical plan to follow?

And, in that, I’ve recently been thinking about moving my blog in a different direction. Yes, I am still passionately paleo and plan to stay that way; and yes, I still love to cook and create new recipes for you guys! But, I’m also developing a passion in revamping and reclaiming old thrift store furniture. In taking on more and more DIY projects as E and I figure out what the heck we’re doing, and what we love one step at a time. And usually through trial and error… haha. So, in that will the title of my blog always remain LINDS EATS? Probably not. What sort of impact will a name change have on the blog, on my readers, on my blog traffic?

Wow! Question laden post. Just getting my thoughts out there. Any advice or help from my lovely followers would be awesome!

Talk soon!