i heart jars!

I am a jar hog. Plain and simple. I get excited every time I purchase something that comes in a jar. I get excited when I open the fridge and find almost empty jars. I get excited when friends leave jars at my house. Yep, it’s that bad. I just love organizing things into jar! And last week, however, I took my addiction one step further.

Hello jar heaven!

Oh it’s that good. Chalkboard paint meet jars. Linds’ cupboard meet organization!

Step 1: Purchase your chalkboard paint. I got mine at my local Canadian Tire store for $19.99! It’s a huge can that you can reseal… I feel like I’ll be chalkboard’n several other items soon!

Step 2: Wash your jars thoroughly, let them sit over night to dry & tape ’em up!

Step 3: Apply your first coat, let dry for a few hours. Apply your second coat, and so on. The picture shown below is complete and took three coats. I did this over a few days to ensure everything was dry.

Step 5: Enjoy and put your chalk to work!

What’s the best DIY project you’ve ever completed? Do you enjoy DIY projects?