High-ho, high-ho it’s off to blogging I go! Yep, that’s right. I’m officially back to blog land and I am excited. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with the house business and such, and so I decided to take a slight break from writing for a while. However, we’ve been in the house for around 1 month-full time now, and we’ve been working night and day. And you know what that means… Linds has got a WHOLE lot of DIY’s to share with you.

So, call this trendy, or not. But I’ve got a slight serious addiction to chevron. Anything and everything chevron. I’ve dreamt about it on lampshades, on the floor, on the walls, pretty much every place you can imagine. I’ve thought about it.

So, low and behold one of my more recent projects… and one that I am in love with. It’s rustic, yet modern and unique all at the same time. Just my style.

Check out this storage system. I know claim to be chevrorganized. Wicked right. <Insert E’s eye roll here!>

So, this system came to me both from seeing similar ideas of Pinterest, but also because our new bathroom, despite it’s large size was seriously lacking in storage. Not only does it lack in the linen closet (aka: there isn’t one), but we also have a pedestal sink, which equals no vanity. So yes, you see the dilemma!

All that’s required for this project is an old scrap of wood, painters tape, paint, pipe fittings, mason jars and screws. That’s it, that’s all.

What to do:

  1. I eyeballed and taped off the chevron pattern on the wood and painted it white and yellow.
  2. Let the paint dry, and measured and marked where I would secure the pipe fittings to hold my mason jars.
  3. Then I pre-drilled holes in the wood where I had marked for the pipe fittings, and subsequently in the pipe fittings themselves.
  4. Next I decided where I would position the fixture on my walls and drew a line with a level.
  5. Next I held up my board, and drilled through my pre-drilled holes into the wall to mark the spot to insert my drywall plugs. Note: I had to use drywall plugs as no studs were present where I was hanging this.
  6. Next, I inserted my drywall plugs into holes I had drilled in the wall.
  7. Now, screw your screws through the pipe fittings, and into the piece of wood. Now, line the screws up with the holes in the walls (or in my case the drywall plugs) and screw the screws into the wall.
  8. Tadaahh! Your units are now secured to the wall. All that’s left to do is insert your jars, tighten your pipe fittings and fill those babies up! Boom!

I know it’s a terrible picture, however I’m in love with them! No, not my legs in the mirror, haha but my mason jar beauts!


i heart jars!

I am a jar hog. Plain and simple. I get excited every time I purchase something that comes in a jar. I get excited when I open the fridge and find almost empty jars. I get excited when friends leave jars at my house. Yep, it’s that bad. I just love organizing things into jar! And last week, however, I took my addiction one step further.

Hello jar heaven!

Oh it’s that good. Chalkboard paint meet jars. Linds’ cupboard meet organization!

Step 1: Purchase your chalkboard paint. I got mine at my local Canadian Tire store for $19.99! It’s a huge can that you can reseal… I feel like I’ll be chalkboard’n several other items soon!

Step 2: Wash your jars thoroughly, let them sit over night to dry & tape ’em up!

Step 3: Apply your first coat, let dry for a few hours. Apply your second coat, and so on. The picture shown below is complete and took three coats. I did this over a few days to ensure everything was dry.

Step 5: Enjoy and put your chalk to work!

What’s the best DIY project you’ve ever completed? Do you enjoy DIY projects?